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2021, the year of exploring...

With the new year always comes the resolutions for change. And my art practice was smack bang in the middle of those thoughts...explore new materials and methods, follow new artists, change things up and just play! On one hand that was good, but on the other the art that came from this exploration seems to have been created by more than one person...almost no commonalities, other than I know that I did all of them!!

I played with oils for the first time on a course with local artist Hermine Coleman, and have signed up for a figure painting course in oils with Michael Carsons.  I am also about to do a charcoal course with Kara Bullock to learn how to use charcoal in portraits. I did a short course with Stan Kurth using gouache and watercolours.  And for the mental and emotional challenge, which is the most important, I did FYJ2021 with Louise Fletcher. I feel that I have only scratched the surface with all these mediums and I have enough inspiration to see me through to 2022 and beyond.

I hope you enjoy the new works as much as I had making them.

Gouache and watercolours

The Little Houses series

The Masked Women Series mixed media

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