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Meet the painted horses inspired by the horses of Old Kilgobbin

In 2019, after many years of not doing any art, I did a course called Find Your Joy (FYJ) by Louise Fletcher.  She taught us to paint what meant something to us, what brought us joy, the feelings something evoked in us. 


 My day jobs consist of managing the health and wellbeing of a herd of horses that are part of an equine facilitated learning program called Horseplay, and these horses, besides being daily companions, became the inspiration for much of what I draw and paint.  Their ability to hold space in a calm, thoughtful manner, whilst protecting their personal space is always an incredible example of a life well lived.  So I painted for a time a series of horse related images called I See You, all about how horses and humans interact and see each other.

There are originals and giclee prints available of most artworks. Giclee prints are archival, museum quality fine art prints that are guaranteed for 75 years or more. It is often very difficult to distinguish between the original and the fine art print as the quality is exceptionally high. Red dots mean the original is sold but giclee prints are available.

Please explore each painting further by clicking on it for more details and to chat to me if interested in acquiring one.

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