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I am Carl Bronner, of Old Kilgobbin Farm, Dargle, South Africa.
Wife to John, mother to Joel and Jethro, horse owner and artist

My art mentor, Louise Fletcher, a UK abstract landscape painter, taught me that the most important art practice is for the artist to find their joy.  Not painting something for others’ opinions or tasks set, nor the need to perfect a technique, nor painting the latest subject matter fad.  Paint intuitively and when you have that moment of YES!  then you have found that space wherein the joy lives, and your art journey has purpose for yourself and for the people who might find it, whether wandering into an art gallery or scrolling through instagram.  For me, the same applies to the search for subject matter….


Since I live in the 21st century, I enjoy the benefits of technology and accessible knowledge and a global community at my fingertips, but the most powerful influence in my life comes from centuries’ old wisdom, one found within nature. 

I am a custodian of a large herd of horses and an ancient forest, and as I walk daily amongst the horses and the trees, I find the acceptance that I seek: the need to be seen, with no judgment, no agendas, no payback required.  All I have to do is show up, have a honest intention, to be open and aware.


  Horses teach me to live and be appreciative of this moment, this breath, for it is precious, and the trees teach me the values of flexibility and strength in equal measures. My horses need me to notice every small aspect of their view on life so that they can trust me with their safety, and the trees are worthy of more than a mere passing glance…they are each a universe in themselves, deeply rooted, committed to being part of the whole forest.


Over the last few years or so, I have taken those lessons and tried to express them with paint, ink and paper and I have taken the words of John Muir quite literally....


“Into the woods I go to lose my mind and find my soul”, and of course, with my horse accompanying me as my therapist!


Carl and Jammie _edited.jpg

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